Black Friday Walmart Vs Sears: Halo Reach Deals

With the infamous Black Friday 2010 nearly upon us, here at OSM we have been reporting on some of the Adscans currently available with up-to-date deals. We have spoken of Macy’s, Radio Shack, Walmart, Old Navy, Best Buy, Target and a whole lot more. Today we are bringing you some fantastic news on Halo Reach deals.

According to Jamie over at PR News, Bungie’s offering came out in September and was snapped up by millions of gaming fans. If you were not lucky enough to be one of those people, then these deals may be ready to impress you. Both Sears and Walmart retailers are offering discounted deals on the Xbox 360 game. Listings on are advertising the Halo Reach at Sears for a mere $39.99 whilst Walmart will be offering it for $35.99, clearly savings from both stores.

If you were to purchase this game at any other time from Sears, it would set you back $59.99 therefore over Black Friday you will be saving yourself $20, compare that to Walmart who would be selling it for $49.99 hence saving you $14.99 during the sale.

What do you think of these fantastic savings? Are you tempted? Let us know what you will be doing over Black Friday 2010? To find out more including links log onto PR News.

  • Oog

    Halo Reach for 36 or 40 bucks? I'm sold. Just debating whether or not I want to deal with the mobs.

    • Bet

      Can you buy it online at that rate as well or is it IN stores only?

  • John

    I bought Halo Reach for $35

    And the newest Medal of Honor for $30 on Nov 26