Apple iTunes Announcement November 16: All But Confirmed

Previously we reported to you that The Beatles music would be being added to the Apple iTunes downloadable content. Well Apple have even put a clock onto their website saying to come back at the following times. California 7:00am, New York 10:00am, London 3:00pm and Tokyo 12:00 midnight. Apple have also said to check back for an exciting announcement from iTunes.

So is this an announcement for the iOS 4.2 or is it for The Beatles music being added to iTunes. I am hoping it is to do with The Beatles as this has been a long time coming. What do you think is going to happen? What are Apple going to announce? Make sure you come back to OSM to find out.

Many of the big names on the Internet such as FoxNews, the NYTimes and Reuters are all thinking that the big announcement is for The Beatles, click on each of the names to read their articles on what they think is going to happen. But remember it could be something else.

The other thing that this could be is the Cloud, the thought of a web based version of iTunes, but is it too early for that? Let us know your thoughts on what you think will be announced in the comments below.

  • Mick

    Definitely something along the lines of a web based version.. something to blow Spotify out of the water would be my guess.

  • Rory Hanthorn

    I guess it's the fun of laying bait and seeing how many "credible" rumors you can start. I don't even own an iPod and I am watching for the announcement.