Verizon iPhone and iOS 4.2 Update: Wild Claims

Whilst reading through some of the recent news about the iOS 4.2 software update being slightly delayed I came across an article that particularly frustrated me. It was titled “Is the iOS 4.2 Delay Related to a Verizon iPhone?”

Although we are all a little disappointed with the delay of 4.2 I can see no way that it is in any way linked to the release of the Verizon iPhone, this is way too early. I am hoping that all of you readers are with me on this one and look forward to reading some of your comments with all of your reasoning as to why this is complete and utter manure.

What will they say next? iOS 4.2 will only be coming out on the Verizon iPhone which isn’t even out yet? These wild claims will spread like wildfire through the Internet where people seem to be craving this Verizon iPhone. We have reported various news surrounding the Verizon iPhone including some ambiguous photos found online, what did you make of them.

Head on over and read the full article here. What do you make of this crazy claim? Don’t forget to report back your thoughts in the comments below.