Google Calendar temporarily unavailable

Late for work today? Miss your important appointments? For the first time it may not be your fault as Google Calendar is currently down.

When trying to access Google Calendar the page will fail to load or users will be greeted with the message: “Server Error Google Calendar is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later.” You may remember the service went down back in May for a few hours, as reported by Mashable. Hopefully the fault should not go on for too long as repairs are in action.

Google has issued a statement about the error to their service: “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Calendar. We will provide more information shortly.” People affected by the crisis have taken to Twitter to try and figure out that exactly the problem is. We will bring you any more news on the issue as we get it.

Were you affected by the problem to Google’s Calendar service? If so let us know your circumstances by leaving us a comment below.

  • Adam

    Google are reporting on the Dashboard the issue is now resolved … yes we have a calendar back BUT no data. Many of us have had our events wiped clean. The issue is NOT resolved