Best Buy Black Friday: Samsung Galaxy Tab – 2010 Ads

With Best Buy’s recent ad scan being released we previously brought you some news surrounding the mobile phone deals that are present. What we didn’t tell you is they have also knocked some money off of the Samsung Galaxy Tab as well! You have got to love Black Friday deals.

After savings you will be paying $549.99 for your tab, you have to say… not bad! We previously brought you some details on being able to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Tab and how Tesco’s were undercutting the competition, well it seems best buy are going even lower than everyone else!

Why not head on over to the ad scan at Best Buy and take a peek at the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and also at all of the other deals being brought to you for Black Friday. The question is, will anyone else be able to compete with the deal brought to you by Best Buy?

Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab any cheaper than this? If you have leave a link in the comments below.