Social Networking Effects Business Emails

With an increase in social networking sites and the battle amongst them for the number one place in terms of user numbers, its no surprise to hear that within the next four years, 20% of professional business employees will be communicating by this method. So by doing this, how will our email system be affected?

According to ITPro, Analyst Gartner has said, “In the past, organisations supported collaboration through e-mail and highly structured applications only.” They went on to say, “Today, social paradigms are converging with e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and presence, creating new collaboration styles.” This has left us with the question of whether communicating via social networking sites is viable for business employees. Garnet expressed that within the workplace is would only become, “Truly collaborative, effective and efficient” if employees were only given the opportunity to try out new ideas.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook plus cloud computing have become such a key feature to the lives of the everyday person, that on entering the workplace, they would be more proficent in this method of interaction as oppose to sending of and receiving of e-mails. Research Vice President of Gartner “Monica Basso” finished by saying, “The rigid distinction between e-mail and social networks will erode. Email will take on many social attributes, such as contact brokering, while social networks will develop richer email capabilities.”

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