Android leaps to second biggest OS behind Symbian

We recently told you that on average, one third of Android users are thinking about moving over to Apple’s iPhone; however these new figures show that in terms of operating systems, Android trumps the iPhone.

Google’s little green robot has had an fantastic year and the numbers show that between July and September sales have propelled Android up to second place on the most popular OS list, behind Nokia’s Symbian. According to reports from Cnet Android has cornered a quarter (25.5%) of the world’s smart phone market with Symbian taking a 36.6% majority market share.

So sitting behind Android now in the OS list is the iPhone’s iOS which has a 16.7% market share compared to 17.1% last year. Apple will not be too concerned with the slight fall as competition has fiercely increased and the stats show that an immense amount of iPhone units have been shifted, despite the rise in competitors.

RIM’s Blackberry OS has been hit hard this year and has fallen down the list where it sits in fourth place now. RIM’s market share has fallen from 20.7% to 14.8%, which has led it to be overtaken by the iPhone. This time last year Android controlled a measly 3.5% of the market with their rival Symbian controlling a 44.6% chunk. Now the gap has been closed so dramatically you would have to think that this time next year, Android may have rocketed ahead of Symbian and claimed its place as the most popular smartphone OS.

What do you think about Android’s massive success in the last year? What do you think has brought on it’s immense popularity amongst users? Let us know your thoughts on the comments section below.