White Samsung Galaxy S Available At Carphone Warehouse

With the onslaught of smartphones hitting the shop floors throughout the year, Samsung have now added a white version of their Galaxy S, something that Apple have failed to do with their iPhone 4. Yes, that’s right, the white model will be available for the UK market in Carphone Warehouse stores.

According to Softpedia, the white version had been seen in the depths of the wild but no details had followed. On Carphone Warehouse’s Galaxy S website page, it states, “White colour variant available to pre-order for the 10th November delivery.” Judging by details on the page, specifications and OS will remain the same as the black version, it’s just an add on to the colour. Carphone Warehouse also went on to say, “Step into the future with Samsung Galaxy S; a light, bright, beautiful smartphone. This gorgeous mobile supports Android 2.1, with an update to Android 2.2 arriving very soon.”

If you are still a little unsure as to what features you will get for your money then let me remind you. As well as being lightweight and slim in appearance, the handset will incorporate a 4-inch touch screen, 1GHz processor, 8GB or 16GB memory, 720p HD video recording with front and rear facing cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi and much more. To round this off retailer Carphone Warehouse has finished off by saying, “Plus you’ll get access to both Android Market and Samsung Apps, meaning more content to choose from. This is a brilliant phone that’s easy to use and extremely exciting.”

Will you be tempted into buying the White Galaxy S version? Let us know. To find out more log onto Softpedia.