Do you secretly want an iPhone behind your Android’s back?

Android lovers look away now, this may hurt a little bit. It is been revealed in a study that one third (33%) of Android owners actually desire an iPhone, where only 7% of iPhone users have Android on their mind.

The stats for Android owners do look ugly, but before you kick up a riot, just know that the manner in which these results were obtained are not all that it seems, and it is not so bad. So for starters we know that due to Android’s long line of different handsets there are more expensive models than others. The cheaper models such as the HTC Wildfire and HTC Hero have less features and services available to them so naturally a user may be thinking that an iPhone may be the better option when asked.

What should have been done is due to the iPhones hefty price, making the comparison with more price related and desirable Android models such as the Samsung Galaxy S or HTC Desire. Reports from Cnet tell us that two thirds of iPhone owners could not manage without their iPhone compared to 29 per cent of Android owners. Users with cheaper and less feature rich models appear to be less dependent on their smartphone. Follow the link for more figures and information.

In today’s mobile market some customers always stick with a certain kind of phone for better or for worse, and so the thought of a die hard Android user thinking about switching to Apple’s iPhone may anger some owners. Although the figures say that a third of users are thinking of cheating on Google’s little green robot, we know now that this may not be the case if the comparisons were more direct opposed to in general.

What type of phone do you have? Do you get an urge to switch to an iPhone or Android handset and vice versa? Let us know about your mobile habits below in the comments.

  • xiaoa

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  • Ural

    You can throw any iphone in the trash. Tter are only good to paty games with. Want to replace your gameboy get an iphone.

    You want something that works as a phone gps laptop translator device, portable tv, compass camera, video cam, metal detector, drafting board and behaves like a device out of star trek, get an Android phone.

    Whom ever begs to differ us delusional.

    So no, as an Android an former iphone user, those who last for an iphone just don’t know anye better.

    • Guest

      One nice thing about the iphone is that the apps actually work for that particular device, which is a nice feature to have.

      BTW That looks like some angry typing, possibly from one of the 33%?

  • Jake

    Looks like Android offers everything except spell-check.