3D on your iPhone? Hasbro has a plan

In the past few months we have seen 3D leap from our cinemas on to our home entertainment systems and TVs. Now the plan is to bring 3D technology to our mobile phones, and toy makers Hasbro have already started.

The toy company are set to bring out a line of 3D, I would say glasses but they are more like goggles. The new gadgets work exclusively with devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch as Apple guided the development of this project. We will see 3D content throughout our handsets and this is included in the games we play on them. We should be seeing these specialist goggles hitting shelves in spring for $30 as reported by Mashable.

Hasbro has said that they are looking to work with other big companies such as Dreamworks Animation to make the franchise more appealing and to develop better material. Hasbro also says it will use content from 3D TV networks like the Discovery Channel and other content from Sony and IMAX.

The vision of this idea and product is clear as not only is it a way for phone lovers to enjoy their handsets more it is also a great way to promote upcoming 3D content in theaters or give customers a taste of 3D entertainment in their homes. The only issue is that you are not going to want to walk around in public with these glasses on and so they are almost an indoor gadget only.

Is there a big enough market and demand for 3D mobile technology at the moment? Will you pick up a pair of these 3D goggles for your iPhone or iPod Touch? Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.