Opera Release Mobile 10.1 Beta For Android

For those of you that possess a smartphone currently running the Android OS, will now be able to access Opera Browser’s Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android, in a bid to position itself alongside other present browsers.

According to Mikael at PC World, the browser can now be downloaded free from the Android Market. It will work on Android version 1.6 or later and is accessible in 18 different languages. The new browser will not only give faster page loading with the aid of its Turbo feature, but compresses data by up to 80% even on slow or particularly busy networks. Opera is hoping this in itself will pave the way and push them forward ahead of their competitors such as Firefox 4, Skyfire, Dolphin and Android’s standard browser.

Opera Mobile will also include features such as pinch-to-zoom, password manager, speed dial and link which synchronizes bookmarks amongst other data. In the near future Flash support will be available on the full version (date not confirmed) but currently not on this beta version.

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