LeBron James Tweets Dallas Cowboys Being Worse NFL Team

Online social networking site “Twitter” is now creeping up slowly behind Facebook in terms of user numbers. The site gives it’s subscribers a chance to tweet messages of up to 140 characters, and for celebrities it’s a good way of sharing their good news or venting their anger. The latest to take to Twitter is Miami Heat professional player and Olympic winner “LeBron “King” James.”

Before a recent game against New Jersey Nets at American Airlines Arena, James spoke about his disappointment towards his favorite NFL team “The Dallas Cowboys.” He tweeted they are, “Officially the worst team in the NFL.” According to USA Today, he went on to say that they played so badly that he could not watch them.

In a recent article in the Miami Herald, James was reported on saying, “ Very touch, man. I’ve never had to change channels when my Cowboys played. Man, I was changing between Eastbound & Down and my Cowboys game, so I knew I was kind of frustrated at that point.” Indications show that James has already got a new coach lined up.

Are you a fan of The Dallas Cowboys? Do you agree with LeBron’s latest tweet? Let us know. Head on over to USA Today.