Kno Announce Two New 14.1 Tablet Devices For 2010

In a market where new and up and coming tablet devices are on the increase, it’s no surprise to hear of yet another company about to launch their own version, I’m talking about Kno. News has come in that they will be releasing two tablets, one single and one dual-screen by the end of the year.

According to Stan Schroeder at Mashable, both tablets will incorporate 14.1-inch touch sensitive anti-glare screens, will come with a stylus and weigh just a mere 5.5 pounds. With each tablet screen having it’s very own battery, users will benefit from between six to eight hours of use. Kno have geared the latest tablets towards the academic market particularly students. Indications show that the tablets have already been aimed at 10 college campuses across America. We can report that pre-orders are being excepted with the hope of shipments being sent out before the holiday season kicks in.

Mashable have also commented on Kno selling their digital textbooks through their bookstore, giving users tens of thousands of textbooks and reading material to peruse over.

The single-screen panel version will retail at $599 whilst the dual-screen version will retail at a higher cost of $899.

Tell us, is this a tablet you would consider and if so, what model would you be swayed into buying? Let us know your thoughts. To find out more head on over to Mashable.