Christmas digital downloads available from Sainsbury’s

Its Christmas eve and you still have not finished all of your shopping; so many people to buy for in so little time! Well fear not as Sainsbury’s is getting ready to introduce a digital download gift service which will help you out big time this Winter.

According to Cnet the service is expected to be launched at the End of November so that the festive cash splash can commence. Unfortunately the supermarket chain has announced that those beloved nectar points that you collect each week are allowed to be used on buying digital music, Blu-Rays or movies.

This is a massive issue and will certainly deter some customers from using the service; however the option is always there if you are in great need. The biggest issue is obviously the pricing structure which is yet to be announced. Sainsbury’s with their other digital download rivals such as such as iTunes, Amazon, Sky Songs, We7 and 7digital need to make sure they can compete effectively in this market.

Similar services to this are also offered by movie streaming giants LoveFilm and Film4OD. Do you think the Sainsbury’s digital download service will be a success? Will the nectar points exclusion play a part in their sales? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.