Black Friday 2010: Gaming Deals To Be Had

With Black Friday 2010 just around the corner and numerous activity on the internet including retailing ads, what we can be sure about this year is the popularity of gaming. In the last few years gaming has come a long way and now we can enjoy benefits from consoles such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3.

Consumers will no doubt be weighing up the best deals for their money. In terms of the gaming world, Nintendo really do not have that much too offer us other than new games, but compare this to Sony and Microsoft, you can now enjoy the new motion sensor “Move” and “Kinect” accessories. During the course of Black Friday, these will no doubt feature in some of the retailer deals. Peter Chubb at PR News has reported on BFADS, the complete guide to all three consoles which will give you an insight into which one best suits you.

Other deals to look out for may include: Call of Duty: Black Ops game which was released just yesterday and Gran Turismo 5 which the gaming world can enjoy on November 30.

What would you like to see discounted? Let us know. To find out more log onto PR News for the latest information.