Apple iPod Liquid Damage: Policy Changed

When dealing with liquid damage to Apple’s iPod, it was previously down to the staff at Apple Stores or AppleCare Repair Centres to decide whether the device had come into excessive amounts of moisture.

This was carried out by inspection of the Liquid Contact Indicators within the headphone jack. LCI’s have been built into Apples devices, and activate when contact with moisture has occurred. BGR has been told that Apple have changed their policy when a warranty claim or repair is required due to this fault.

Specific guidelines have to be followed by the employees when dealing with these claims, as we said up until now the LCI activated within the headphone socket, would have been indication enough to confirm damage by some sort of liquid.

It is now the case that further inspection of the iPod device is deemed necessary, before reaching a liquid damage conclusion. There has been no indication as to whether the same inspection procedure applies to iPhone devices as well. Thoughts are that a change in policy maybe due to Apple not being completely happy with the LCI’s reliability, either that or the LCI’s within the phone jack may be too sensitive when coming into contact with acceptable amounts of moisture.

Let us know if you have suffered any warranty issues with Apple and how they were resolved? Head over to BGR to read more about this story.

  • Loraine

    Dont waste yr $ with AppleCare. My Ipod Touch LCI shows no water damage and this was confirmed through Best Buys Service dept but in spite of this Apples Service Dept will not repair or replace and there is no recourse or alternate repair options. Once you are entered into their computers as having H2o damage they will not help or provide service.