Marriage Proposal Video- Is it A Fake?

Asking the woman of your dreams to marry you can be one of the greatest days of your life. For many people it becomes a competition, trying to find the most incredible way to ask your significant other to marry you. There are loads of videos all over the internet showing guys asking their girlfriends if they will marry them, and some even go viral.

This YouTube video (embedded below) has spurred controversy over people claiming that it is fake. In the video we see a group of friends organising a band to play Kasey’s favourite song, before Frank proposes to her from a boat on the river. The groups communication and organisation is done through an un-named application which works on both iPhones and on a laptop.

This application allows Frank’s ‘friends’ to communicate with each other, whilst also allowing them to view the events via four hidden cameras. Many people who have watched the video have suspected the video of being a fake due to the number of shots used and the fact that Frank throws a very expensive piece of jewellery from a boat to the bridge, when Kasey could have easily dropped it into the river below!

Not to mention that they also have a website which is ‘coming soon’, why an ordinary couple would need one is beyond me, so it may be used for selling their possible product in the future. Overall this video looks suspect and with many holes, but what do you think? Is this fake? Let us know in the comments below.