Facebook & Twitter Failed Privacy Risk Report

Social media news is surprisingly overshadowed by two of the biggest online networking sites, Facebook and Twitter. Although user numbers to the sites increase by the day, they have both contended with good and bad press. Today, yet again, it’s the turn of privacy issues and apparent flaws.

In a recent security report card by Digital Society, it was found that past issues surrounding privacy settings were still present on both sites. It seems that Firesheep on Firefox may have contributed towards this. Troy Rogers at The Deadbolt reported that, both Facebook and Twitter have unfortunately not managed to pass the encryption and identification process of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This basically means that users to a authentication page do not know for sure if the page is HTTP.

Author of the recent report for Digital Society “George Ou” has said, “The vulnerability and easy exploitation [of] online services have been well known since 2007, but the lack of mainstream tech media coverage has allowed the online industry to sweep the problem under the rug for the past 3 years.”

In a constant battle to overcome privacy issues, will these sites ever succeed in their mission to keeping our settings safe? Tell us what you think? Are you careful with what information you supply? To find out more log onto The Deadbolt.

  • Cedric Best

    It is no surprise that facebook and twitter both failed the privacy risk report. Facebook and twitter are both extremely unsafe. All user content on facebook is sold to advertisers or 3rd parties. This is clear proof that facebook is totally unsafe. I have personally left facebook and twitter and am waiting for MyCube and Diaspora to release as they seem much safer

  • http://www.sickfacebook.com AZulfi Qureshi

    Agree with the article and Cedric Best. It is not a surprise at all that facebook has failed the privacy risk report. Facebook will never have done anything and will not take any serious action on this issue coz they sell privacy details to advertisers and other companies as said by Cedric Best. I m not sure about twitter but facebook certainly is totally unsafe….

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