Amazon To Take On Quidsi For $540 Million

The largest American online retailer “Amazon” which was launched in 1995 on the worldwide web, will now be taking on New Jersey based e-commence company “Quidsi” in the very near future. News has come through that they will be announcing it’s acquisition possibly early this week which has set them back $540 million in cash.

Quidsi makes up two websites (baby care) and (health, beauty & household). came to our attention back in 2005 whilst launched this year. According to Ben Parr at Mashable, the co-founders of Quidsi have come to an agreed multi-year contract with Amazon along with interest from it’s counterparts Wal-Mart.

Quidsi which talks of it’s high attention to customer service, is renowned for shipping purchases to it’s customers in a efficient and secure way. By looking at the way in which it stores and ships goods it therefore maximizes it’s margins. Amazon are no strangers to taking on other businesses. In past transactions, it has spent a whooping $900 million to get online shoe retailer “Zappos.”

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