Verizon iPhone Running iOS 4.2: Convincing Image

The prospects of an Apple iPhone running on the Verizon network are getting stronger and stronger. We spoke to your before about various surveys being completed show that the demand is high for the device, you are probably beginning to get a bit sick of hearing that the iPhone on the Verizon network is on its way and that it is just a matter of time until it is announced.

There is a new image that has appeared on the Internet showing an iPhone not only running the new iOS 4.2 but also with the network as “Verizon LTE” in the top left hand corner of the iPhone, head over to and have a look at the image as you can click on it to enlarge.

Personally, I am not sure that this is a real image, I think this the image has been doctored as I cannot see this being available yet, but of course I will let you all let your thoughts known in the comments below. One of the reasons why I am slightly sceptical about the picture is because of the jailbreakers being able to change the banner text along the top, but also because I think it is still too early for an authentic image to be leaked or released.

What do you think? Is it too early or do you think it’s been a long time coming? Is this image real or fake? What do you look for when seeking authenticity?

VIA Product-Reviews

  • Pedro

    I agree. you can EASILY change the carrier name to anything you want. Using a simple jailbreak and a single app, i can make it look like its for sprint. this is BS

  • Israel

    this nothing but crap. nobody is getting iPhone until the end of 2012 that’s when the agreement apple-AT&T will end. and that’s in the case apple decide to change companies. these stupid rumors have been spread since late 2007 and still it’s not gonna happen. about the verizon carrier letters on top is real easy to change that with fake carrier or makeit mine u can type anything. So stop the bs it’s old

  • misterlen

    This is so fake. The clock is hacked as well. I’ll go do that to my phone and take a picture of it if I’ll get a news story written about me. I am really starting to get tired of these Verizon iPhone rumors. Keep on beating that dead horse…

  • aas

    The agreement ends this year according to most of the evidence out there. LTE isnot available and will not untill late 2011-2012. Making a LTE capable iphone possible in mid 2012.