Dell Employees Say Bye To BlackBerry Smartphones

Dell are looking to save costs by changing their employee’s phones, they are moving them from a BlackBerry device to their own Venue Pro aka Dell Lightening smartphone. Dell will save money on this mainly from decommissioning its BlackBerry servers totaling up to around 25 percent in mobile communication costs.

The Venue Pro will be running the new Windows Phone 7 and Dell are only offering this internally however, in time, Dell will also offer Android phones to its employees . This is a clear kick out at Verizon and shows that Dell is willing to try and compete with the big boys.

In terms of specs, the Dell Venue Pro has a 5 mega pixel camera, 8GB of internal storage, 1GHz processor and a 4.1” touch screen. It also has a slide out keyboard for writing out those ever important emails on the move!

Head on over to CNET to read the full article and then think about this, can Dell actually save money by doing this? Is this just a sly marketing technique? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.