Samsung Galaxy S Pushes iPhone 4 From Top Spot In Japan

Once the ruler of all, Apple’s iPhone 4 has been knocked off it’s top spot in Japan’s smartphone listings. According to market research the big 4 has had to bow to the new class leader Samsung’s Galaxy S.

When it was released at the beginning of this year Apples iPhone 4 32GB stood at numero uno for 18 solid weeks. During it’s debut week the Galaxy S took its title, although BGR did state that this was only after taking the iPhone 4 32GB and 16GB separately.

Samsung brought the fight to the Apple device by producing a lightweight, slim 4-inch touch screen. Using a 1GHz processor and packing 8GB or 16GB memory, the S boasts 720p HD video recording with front and rear cameras, bluetooth, WiFi compatibility and running on Android 2.2.

This is just the start for the Galaxy S and time will tell if it can remain at the top for as long as the iPhone. One things for certain Samsung can only be pleased with the progress so far. Check out BGR to read more and let us know if you are an iPhone or Galaxy S follower, which would you rather have at your disposal?

  • Semer

    iphone 4 ever
    not a apple fan boy but lets face it the iphone is the best smartphone once again

    • Rupz007

      oh please be realistic.. Samsung has created waves ever since it released the Samsung Galaxy S and the soon to be released iPhone 5 is not even comparable to the range of Andriod phones due to be released with much higher specs (Quad Core, 10Mp camera and sharper display.. I hate how Apple are currently trying to set lawsuits against Samung for copying its design, as its loosing market share fast! Well done Sammy!