Brazilian Grand Prix: Keep informed with BBC Twitter feed

We all know just how popular Twitter is and you can keep in touch with just about anything these days by looking at a Twitter feed for such things as political election news. This morning we even posted a story about runners in this weekend’s New York Marathon who intend to live-tweet as they run during Sunday’s big race.

If you’re a big motorsport fan you’ll be watching all the Formula One 2010 news and will already know about the Brazilian Grand Prix due this weekend. Although it’s great to sit and watch the race keeping up with the BBC’s Twitter feed is also interesting and you can always do both as if offers some extremely useful insights with the latest news from the teams and inside information.

The BBC Twitter for the Brazilian Grand Prix is up and running for Interlagos and features tweets from the Formula One team at the BBC right through the next few days. For instance at the moment presenter Jake Humphreys is updating from the first practice session along with tweets from sarahholtf1 and legardj, all giving useful information about what’s going on.

We’re interested to know if you already use Twitter on the BBC to follow Formula One, or maybe you’ll check it out now so please feel free to send us your comments.