5 New MP3 Players To Set Your Heart Racing

One thing that most people associate with exercise is listening to music. It seems to drive you on and listening to certain tracks can motivate you. The only downside to this is the need to carry a music storage device with you. Amy-Mae at Mashable has listed five gadgets to stop this burden.

For now meet five new MP3 players, the “Sony Walkman W Series NWZ-W252,” the “Cowon iAudio E2,” the “Finis SwiMP3.1G,” the “SanDisk Sansa Clip+,” and lastly the “Ryobi TEK4 AllPlay Jobsite MP3 Player.” Here at OSM we have looked at the five and have picked out our two favorites. Firstly, the Cowon iAudio E2. This fantastic device not only looks the business with its metal ring which can be placed onto a belt loop or clothing, but an optional extra clip is included giving you the feeling of your device being secure. It also gives 4GB capacity, minimalistic look with no fussy controls, up to 11 hours of battery life and the most up to date technology to make your music sound amazing. Colours are varied ranging from violet, lilac silver, sky blue, pink and much more. All this for $50.

The second device we wanted to give you details on is the SanDisk Sansa Clip+. For those who just want a MP3 player but do not want to pay astronomical amounts of money may want to consider this. The clip will last for up to 15 hours battery life, boasting a small size of 2.2 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches it is compact enough and cheap enough to fit into your sports bag without the worry of it being damaged. It comprises of 8GB giving you up to 2,000 songs, FM radio, it can be clipped onto clothes and the easy to use display helps you sort out your music selection for your workout. This model will set you back $39.99 to $69.99 although indications show that the 8GB model is available from Amazon.com for $56.79

Are you an avid exerciser? What do you look for in a MP3 Player? Let us know. Log onto Mashable to find out more details on the devices.

  • Paula

    I use the swimP3 3 days a week when swimnming – I would not swim without it, sound quality is fantastic and it allows me to escape the daily grind because I am listening to my music and not stressing out.