Tweeters vent their anger at Facebook’s font change

Angry Facebook users have taken to their Twitter accounts to broadcast their anger at the font change on their Facebook pages. The social networking giant appears to have made some tweaks to the site which have shrunken the fonts down to a smaller size and now a huge mob of members are not happy about it.

Metro has reported some of the Tweets that have been posted such as “What kind of bionic carrot-flavoured crack rock are the Facebook developers smoking to make the font this small”? Others microbloggers tweeted things such as “Magical shrinking font on Facebook is making me squint. Why, Facebook, why? You are giving me a headache!”

Not everyone hated the new font as a user called kenromano posted, “I’m apparently the odd man out but I’ve always liked small fonts in design, so I give two tiny thumbs up”. I am sure you are not alone. Facebook are yet to officially announce the font change or give reason to why they have done it so it may be a temporary thing that will be restored back to normal.

Has the font change affected you? Leave us your comments and tell us if you have Tweeted about the tweak.