Qantas Passengers Tweet On Emergency Crash Landing

Today the internet has been buzzing about news of a Qantas flight QF32 which has had to make an “emergency landing” in Singapore due to engine problems. Amazingly, amongst the commotion, passengers onboard were online tweeting and posting pictures of the aircraft damage.

The Qantas flight which was on it’s way to Australia, was reported to be suffering from engine problems over Indonesia today. According to AFP, the plane which could be seen with black smoke following it flew into Changi airport to allow it to dispose of the fuel. On landing, it seems that part of the airline’s red and white “flying kangaroo” logo, was ripped off causing metal debris to fly into parts of neighbouring industrial and residential areas of Batam, a northern Indonesian city opposite Singapore.

What we do know is that the images taken on landing were quickly posted on social networking site Twitter within minutes. One passenger @ulfw tweeted, “Just emergency landed back in Singapore after engine two blew up at take-off and parts ripped through wings. Damn.” Other passengers @adamson and @rodrigoBNO posted pictures of the metal debris found in Batam. Following on from today’s news, an investigation will take place to find out what exactly went wrong.

Let us know what you think about Twitter being used in this way? To find out more head on over to AFP.