Election Day 2010: Multiple news organizations using social media

Today, November 2, is mid-term Election Day 2010 in the U.S. and no doubt people across the country will be heading out to the polls soon to cast their votes. Yesterday we told how the use of social media is growing in political campaigning and it’s also true that social media news coverage of political events is also increasing.

A really useful article over on Lost Remote by Cory Bergman rounds up how different news organizations are covering Election Day so you really don’t have to miss a thing when you’re out and about. Just some of the social media coverage includes Facebook streaming, the use of YouTube, Twitter and even Foursquare who are getting involved by giving out “I Voted” badges to users who check-in from polling stations and showing a map detailing how many have checked-in.

We also told previously how ABC are providing live streaming to Facebook but ABC is also streaming a special Web-only newscast to Hulu, Yahoo, and mobile platforms starting at 7:00 pm. Meanwhile social media conversations on Twitter will be analyzed by CNN and Google and CBS are working together to display election search trends while streaming will also be available from CBS on YouTube.

There are many other details of coverage of election day in the article which you can read in full on lostremote.com. Whatever you do, get down to make your vote count, then sit back and watch what’s going on from all across the U.S. by using social media which seems set to be growing even more in use within the political sphere. Will you be keeping up-to-date with all the election news by using any kind of social media, and if so which one do you favor? We’d be interested to hear your views so please feel free to send in your comments.