BlackBerry Bold 9780 v Apple iPhone 4: What Would You Choose?

For those of you out there who are still in a predicament whether to opt for the business type BlackBerry Bold 9780 or the everyday iPhone 4 handset, may need a little refreshing on each of their fantastic features. Jamie Pert at PR News has done just this. Along with main specifications he has listed weight and dimensions.

At OSM we reported just a week ago on the Bold 9780 being the first in its range to incorporate the BlackBerry 6 OS. In weight and appearance specifications are indicating that it is slightly smaller than that of its competitor the iPhone 4, but it still presents itself as being thicker and wider possibly due to the QWERTY keyboard. PR News has reported on the bold featuring a 624 MHz processor, 528 MB RAM, 2GB storage although it can be replaced with a card of up to 32GB. Compare this to the iPhone 4, this includes 1 GHz A4 processor, slightly less RAM of 512, and either 16 or 32GB of storage. When looking at screen sizes, the Bold offers a 2.44-inch display whilst the Apple device shows a 3.5-inch touch screen retina display.

Other impressive features that make it a close contest include both devices having a 5MP rear-facing camera, auto-focus and LED flash, although the iPhone 4 offers 720p video recording, battery life of the Bold 9780 offers 408 hours of standby time and 6 hours of talk time compared to that of 300 hours of standby time and 7 hours of talk time with the iPhone. At the end of the day, both handsets offer similar features and it really does come down to personal preference, but if I had to choose I would no doubt opt for the iPhone 4 giving a bigger touch screen display, faster speed and more talk time.

Tell us what you think? Have you got a preference? To find out more log onto PR News.

  • jce

    iphone 4 of course blackberry sucks

  • function or fashion

    Colleague has an iPhone. Incerdible apps. Says if he was a teenager he would love it, but as an adult he is wishes he had a more reliable phone and he misses his Blackberry Messenger. He plans to buy the new Bold. I will likely follow suit. I want function not fashion.

  • xiaoa

    Yes, the BB 9780 and the iPhone 4 are both incredibly sophisticated and powerful smartphones that are ideal companions for people who want complete control of their digital lives while on the go. I am also hesitating which one i should buy. On your analysis, i think i probably buy the BB 9780 as i hate the touch screen keyboards. At the same time, i also can download a Aneesoft balckberry video converter!

  • hmmm

    Iphone is a great product. But it is too expensive. Cost will win out in the end. Blackberry 9780 is pitched at the correct price point. We should also remember that at the end of the day, you make calls on them.

  • hooopla

    iphones are for chavs

  • jimmie

    iphone 4 sucks……….GO boId….

  • Joanna

    i had an iPhone 4 and it constantly froze & cut out in the middle on my conversation with somebody on the phone, unfortunately i had it stolen and i am considering to get the BB Bold 9780 but i'm not sure which one to get, iPhone's are amazing as they have sooo many apps and the features are great but the BB sounds pretty good, any suggestions?

  • Aaron

    My upgrade id due and i want to a good phone i dont kno what to vhoose bb bold 9780 or the iphone 4
    i need help

  • Sophie

    The iPhone is really fun, but novelty eventually wears off. I no longer use any of the apps that I installed because they're not as fun as they were when I first got it! I love Apple products because they're great toys (I have an iPad too) but I must admit that Blackberrys are more functional. There's a few things that annoy me about Apple though:
    1. Apple Accessories are too expensive considering what they actually are!
    2. Bluetooth only limited to hands free in the car, cannot connect via bluetooth to other phones, laptops etc.
    3. Apps are fun, but most of the free ones are rubbish and the good ones are chargeable.
    4. Touch screen is fun but I've had phone calls cut off as my ear/earring has pushed something on the screen while I've been on the call and cut me off! V.v.v. annoying, especially on a business call.
    5. Varying signal from iPhone compared to any other phone! I have 2 sim cards on Vodafone, when standing in certain areas of my house, my iPhone will say "no service" whereas my Nokia work phone will have 5 bars of signal!? Both using vodafone sim cards!

  • Sophie

    If you want a product that you can play games on, use apps etc, then get the new iPod touch, you can still do all the things that an iPhone does but minus the phone calls. Blackberry is far more superior, but it all depends on what you want from a phone. I need something reliable where I can access my work emails and send back documents etc as I work on the road from my car. If I was a teenager right now, I'd probably prefer the iPhone, admittedly, it does look cool and fun, but I'm older now and I need something more reliable than just to play games on. As i heard someone say in the O2 store, the iPhone is a toy, the Blackberry is a tool.

  • dilip rochwani

    iphone 4 or BB 9780……………please suggest..
    i am curently using iphone 2G but as it gets frozed again n again i am irritated.!
    but its touch screen is something i am addicted too..!
    it would be diff to manage some other phone..!
    what should i do..?
    manage or iphone 4?

  • unknown

    I have got an Ipod Touch Gen 4 and It pretty good but I don't use every apps although I have so many apps but my favorites are 4-5 apps.So I wanna know which one I should choose between Blackberrry bold 9780 or Iphone 4 or coming soon Iphone 5 ? Any suggestions.But I think an Iphone4 is similar to Ipod touch gen 4.And I think Blackberry is way more easier for me to type some msg or thing but I don't interest much about BBM so what should i choose ? And here in my country think that Blackberry is fashion for teenages so I'm afraid that if I used it they will think of that about me.

  • Emile

    I have both. THE iPhone is more fun but (much) less reliable. The BB 9780 is a tool that will not let you down.

    • 10

      The iPhone 4 in white has been improved including the antenna problem I too have to choose between the iPhone and the bold 3 and I think I’ll go for the IPhone 4 in white

  • Quennie

    I have an iPhone 4 and I really love it. My whole family uses Apple products. The apps from iTunes are very entertaining and will never let you down. However the touch keypad is a little too sensitive. You may press the "send" button by accident. I think Apple products are a little overpriced but overall its a pretty useful phone.
    Blackberry's keypad is a little "hard to press" with fingernails. There is not many apps for Blackberry compared to iPhone (of course) Blackberry makes emailing easier and recieving documents for business. However, Blackberry is very light and fashionable but I think iPhone is the best choice.

  • Monis

    I was always a blackberry person. After upgrading to torch I was disappointed and decided to give iPhone 4 a try. The second I got it I noticed all these things I couldn’t think of having in bb: unlimited cool apps, highly functional gps, and the huge screen. Now it’s been 6 months since I got it and I rarely ever use any of my dozens of apps. the novelty has indeed worn off and I realize that I have to be so much more careful with the iPhone as to not drop it on the floor or scratch the screen. I found Bb to be much much more functional and will be switching to bold 9780 soon. iPhone is still a great phone but I got bored of this toy now I want my tool back.

  • stephanie

    My BOLD BB 9780 is amazing and I love it.

    The reason I chose it over the iphone? Too scared of breaking the screen plus I hate touchscreen. I also like the simplicty of a blackberry

  • jackie

    hey guys, i have an iphone 4 since it got released and im thinking to switching on the new bold 9900 should i do that or stick with my current iphone 4??

    • robby

      That’s what I am thinking of doing to. It looks gorgeous and I miss BBM, push email, multitasking, and the physical keyboard.