Hugo Chavez Twitter: President of Venezuela Reaches 1 Million Followers

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had a very good reason to celebrate on Monday, after reaching the 1 million followers milestone on the popular micro-blogging website Twitter. Chavez sent a celebratory tweet, which announced that he had passed the 1 million mark.

As recently reported by AFP, Chavez opened up his Twitter account back in April of this year, following in the footsteps of many politicians who have embraced social networking. In the seven months since joining the website, he has amassed a total of 1,002,300 followers (and counting).

In fact, he has become the most popular Twitter user in the whole of Venezuela. The president receives so much correspondence now, that he has even had to start a special department just to read and respond to all of the messages that he receives on Twitter.

Chavez was quite the active tweeter to begin with, but his tweets appear to have slowed down in recent weeks. However, he still uses his account to add his particular type of commentary to events that are happening around the world or to defend the actions of his government.

You can read more of this story over at AFP.