Apple patent application: Devices scratch and impact resistant

We all know how attached we get to our latest devices and how quickly we can get that sinking feeling at the first sign of a scratch or wear and tear. Even the giant Apple corporation has not been beyond criticism in this respect with people noticing for example on the recent iPhone 4 the “Glassgate” issue which stemmed from scratches on the iPhone from slide-on cases rather than bumper cases. These scratches could eventually lead to cracking and shattering of the back panel.

However it seems that on Apple devices in the future this problem may be overcome as Apple has filed a patent application which would make devices more scratch and impact-resistant. Stan Schroeder over on Mashable reports that the patent application is to develop the quality of stainless steel by using a nitride coating.

It’s called Nitriding Stainless Steel for Consumer Electronic Products, and is described as, “a cost effective system, method and apparatus adapted to provide a nitride layer on stainless steel used for the manufacture of consumer electronic products.” The idea is that the surface would become more durable but still allow the characteristics of the stainless steel to show through.

So you never know, in future on Apple devices at least, you may never get that disappointment when you see the first scratch on your previously pristine device. For more on this go to Would you be prepared to pay more if Apple upped its prices to take into account this coating? We’d be interested in your thoughts so why not send us a comment.

  • Ray Weedman

    If it was to be possible, it would be with the help from the team at NANOVEA. They are the experts in this field along with many other surface measurements at the nano through macro level.