iPod Touch In The Fight Against Crime

With Apple‘s iPod Touch a dead ringer for it’s iPhone counterpart the two can easily be mistaken. A Stanton Delaware school girl used this to her advantage when she was approached by a would-be kidnapper.

Whilst the 12-year-old waited to be collected outside her school, a man pulled up beside her and ordered the shocked child to ‘Get in the Van’. Thinking quickly the girl held her iPod Touch to her ear and said she was calling 911, this was enough for the suspect to make a speedy exit.

Although the Touch doesn’t have the external call features of the iPhone, Dailymail.co.uk rightly mention that if in a Wi-Fi area the iPod Touch can make calls through a VOIP app such as Truphone. If you have a second or third gen iPod Touch you can make calls from it by adding a headset with microphone or the adapter microphone kit supplied with the iPhone. Along with the app the user just has to be within a Wi-Fi zone and make calls with no need for any service provider.

On this occasion the young girls quick thinking saved her, do you think you would have had the same forward thinking? To read more about this check out DailyMail.co.uk

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