Google Place Search: Location Based Results

Today whils’t Google fight for their good name in relation to an investigation into how personal data is being accessed by Street View, a piece of good news has come through that is about to change the way we search for results. The new “Google Place Search,” will be introduced over the next couple of days and will be accessible in over 40 languages. Have you been in a situation when you have wanted to find a particular place or restaurant within an area, to then have to trawl through pages and pages of search results including reviews and maps of your chosen destination?

Emma Barnett at has reported that now if you decide to choose a restaurant for example in a certain place, a list of clustered search results will show up all places in that location, including a pinpointed map and a list of review sites such as helping you to make that all important decision. In a recent statement from Place Search’s Product Manager “Jackie Bavaro” she said, “Today we’re introducing Place Search, a new kind of local search result that organizes the world’s information around places. We’ve clustered search results around specific locations so you can more easily make comparisons and decide where to go.”

Bavaro went on to say, “We’ve made results like this possible by developing technology to better understand places. With Place Search, we’re dynamically connecting hundreds of millions of websites with more than 50 million real-world locations. We automatically identify when sites are talking about physical places and cluster links even when they don’t provide addresses and use different names.”

With stiff competition from the likes of Foursquare and Facebook Places with their location-based sites, will Google’s Place Search be enough to keep users interested?

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