Google: Used street view to collect our personal details and passwords

The search engine giant Google has caused a lot of anger and controversy around the UK today, as it has been revealed by BBC’s Newsbeat that they have been “accidentally” collecting our personal information via unsecured Wi-Fi networks. An investigation has been launched to get to the bottom of what has really gone on.

This happened when Google were running their street view project which involves cars with cameras being driven through every street in the country. The cars were only supposed to be gathering certain information such as people’s Wi-Fi networks software; however the cars also “accidentally” downloaded the resident’s personal details such as user names, passwords, visited websites and emails.

Since this news was announced, Peter Baron a Google representative from the UK has apologized and said that the information was never meant to be collected and will be destroyed immediately. This may not leave all customers satisfied as many people have been outraged by this invasion of privacy.

To see the reaction of members of the public after they heard this news, visit Newsbeat by following the link. If you have an interest in Google than you may want to see the latest news on their Gingerbread 3.0 Android OS.

What do you think of Google’s privacy invasion? Leave us your comments on what you think should be done about the situation.

  • grogadile

    Invasion of privacy Google do you do this in Iraq and Aftganistan and Pakistan?
    Doubt it so fuck off back to USA