Faceporn Sued by Facebook: Adult Rated Social Network Copy

Facebook is a very popular topic here on Online Social Media for obvious reasons, but if you said to me a week ago that Facebook had a doppelganger called Faceporn, I would have probably thought it a silly joke. It turns out that the website does exist, at least for the time being. That is, if Facebook doesn’t sue it out of existence.

Robert McMillan over on Techworld.com is reporting that Facebook is suing Faceporn, saying that they copied the social network giant in order to build an X-rated social network. Faceporn, which previously advertised itself as being “the number one socialising porn and sex network,” has been charged with using Facebook’s ‘Book’ trademark, as well as copying other well known features, such as the logo and the blue and white colour scheme.

From first glance it appears that Facebook will win this case, just like they did with Teachbook, but in a court case, anything can happen. Facebook has asked that Faceporn gives them their domain name as well as all revenue, which sounds rather harsh and this could do more harm to Mark Zuckerburg’s reputation.

For the full story head on over to Techworld.com. Is it right for Facebook to go around suing everybody who looks similar? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

  • WarmHandsWarmHeart

    Absolutely, its right for facebook to "go around and sue everyone who looks similar" that is why they paid probably hundreds of thousands? of dollars for something called copyright or domain rights or whatever it is. If people want to make money on a concept then let them put in the work and come up with one themselves. The social networking ship has sailed. The money to be made with this idea belongs to the person/people that came up with the idea. It is comparable to someone opening up a hamburger stand and using blue arches and calling themselves McGregors. That idea is gone too. Get over it and come up with an original thought.