Connect Any Wi-Fi Device to Any Other Wi-Fi Device with Wi-Fi Direct

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could print out your pictures without the use of all those annoying cables? With the new Wi-Fi Direct this has become possible along with many other applications for it.

Wi-Fi Direct means that Wi-Fi enabled devices will now be able to connect through the Wi-Fi signal. According to Blake Robinson over at, Wi-Fi Direct will mean that you can perform acts, such as connecting your Bluetooth headset to your phone, using Wi-Fi. They say that this will be better for connections because ‘it will be hard to trump the speed of Wi-Fi Direct’.

Up until now, Wi-Fi has been used, primarily, for internet; most homes now use Wi-Fi internet. Already it is possible for different devices to connect to one another over Wi-Fi networks, but this has happened by sending the signal via the network hub. Wi-Fi Direct would cut out the middle man and connect straight to the device without the use of the hub.

With a culture so full of electrical appliances Wi-Fi could make things much easier when doing interaction with these different devices we have around the home. I for one am looking forward to the eventual release of this new technology. What do you think? Let us know in the comments, or check out more technology stories here on Online Social Media.

  • tbone

    Wow Wee…

  • Jeorge Peter

    This is a good tool, now with Wi-fi direct, it'll be lot easier to print out pictures in just a snap.