This weeks top 10 trends on Twitter

Twitter as we all know is a busy place for news and discussion and as usual we are going to be having a look at the 10 most popular trends this week. Mashable has kindly revealed what the hottest topics on the microblogging service are this week and we are bringing them to you right now.

So to kick things off literally at number 1 this week is football/soccer, with all of the talk being about Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney and is desire to leave Man Utd. This has been worldwide news all week with speculation flying around about where he would move to. Rooney signed a new 5 year contract of Man Utd on Friday, ending the week long fiasco.

Staying with sports, the Commonwealth games are in 2nd place with the event now drawing to a close with badminton player Saina Nehwal attracting the most attention. The Chilean Mining Rescue keeps its place in the chart this week after the 33 miners were all brought back up to the surface safely after about two months trapped underground. In 4th place oddly this week is the Greater Manchester Police, who all tweeted every emergency call within 24 hours in an attempt to prevent budget cuts.

The MLB is still in the chart this week at 5, with all of the discussion surrounding Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee after a dominant performance. Thanks to their “Back to the Mac” event this week, Apple have captured 6th spot with all of the talk being about their brand new MacBook Air.

Sports once again pops up this week with the NFL charting at 7 with the news that former NFL player Junior Seau had driven his car off of a cliff after being arrested on suspicion of assault. He was later released from hospital with minor injuries. Also taking the headlines was The Miami Dolphins victory over the Green Bay Packers with an overtime field goal.

In at 8 this week is Brazilian Politics which was our number 1 two weeks ago. Brazilian candidate José Serra was recently hit by something thrown by some Workers Party supporters while campaigning in Rio de Janeiro. Last weeks number 1, which was Korean band Super Junior has fallen to number 9 this week, with band member Lee Dong celebrating his birthday on October 15th.

And finally this week at number 10 is BET’s Top 10 Rappers which featured the likes of Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, 50 Cent, T.I. and Ludacris. That is it for this week, look out for next weeks top 10 trends on Twitter. Be sure to leave us all of your comments on what you thought of this weeks chart.