Sony Ends 30 Year Cassette Walkman

Being able to travel and listen to your favourite music is nothing new to us nowadays, we can quite happily download our favourite album on to a huge list of mp3 player technology and have hours of musical entertainment at our fingertips.

But before 1979 the ability to listen to music on the go was space-age stuff. However, on July 1st 1979 Sony released its first generation Walkman, which set the sights of things to come. The cassette Walkman became a huge hit, from selling only 3,000 players in it’s introduction month, Sony sold close to 200 million different versions of the cassette based Walkman during its 30-year reign on the shelves.

This homage has come about since Sony has finally shipped the last consignment of Walkman’s to Japanese retailers back in April, this is according to Mashable. After these units are sold you will no longer be able to purchase a brand new cassette Walkman through the manufacturer.

The decline of the first low-budget portable music device has been inevitable, thanks first to the booming popularity of the CD Player in the 90s, and now the worldwide domination of Apple’s iPod.

Some of us that are old enough to remember the first Walkman, and remember how impressive it was, will learn about its retirement with fond memories. Tell us if you remember your first portable music player, was it a cassette Walkman? Log onto Mashable for more information.