Windows Phone 7 Twitter App: Problems With Logging In

Those of you lucky enough to have your hands on a new Windows Phone 7 will be pleased to know that the official Twitter app is now available. However, we have to report that there have been a few problems with the app, such as logging in and signing up.

Vlad Savov from Engadget explains that most of the issue was due to the fact that Twitter kept going from its new version to the old version, but we believe that this error has now been solved. You can clearly see on Savov’s video how smooth the Twitter app is, saying that it works just as well as the pre-installed apps that come with your new Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

An issue that seems to happen with all apps on this new mobile OS is how you get thrown out of whatever you were doing when you decide to exit the live menu – this should be solved in an OTA update at a later date. There is a solution for this, until the update is ready just lock the handset.

There is also another way to solve this issue, which Savov was advised to do by one of Engadget’s readers; just press the live menu button on the Windows/Start key then just press the back button and you are back on the Twitter app once more.

Have you had trouble signing in on the Twitter app?

  • Mark Griffiths

    I had issues logging in with both the official Twitter app and Seesmic. I noticed that my time was not set correctly on the phone. Once I changed this to the correct time I could log in OK.

    • martani_net

      That right, I had the same issue for 2 days now, once I fixed the date, everything worked normally