Social Media Saturdays Workshop: Developing Marketing Strategies

If you have ever thought you might like to start up your own little social media business or just get a bit of experience in that area then you may be in luck. Event and social marketing specialist, Cheryl Lawson is running a unique social media marketing workshop called Social Media Saturdays which help businesses, non-profits, and individuals develop a social media marketing strategy.

The course is being run for 10 weeks and is every Saturday lasting for 3 hours; it is being conducted at the University of California Riverside in an extension center called social media marketing. This is a very affordable and unique opportunity to learn from Cheryl who said “For many of us, Social media has become a part of our daily lives, and it has changed the way we conduct business.” To learn more about this social media workshop head over to Sfgate.

Lawson then went on to say that “Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Youtube have not only changed the way we communicate, but the way we connect with one another, consume our news, and organize our lives.” If you live in the US and are unable to attend this workshop then don’t worry as more will be set up in different cities in the coming months.

This class seems like a good idea for people who are inexperienced in social media or just want to improve their knowledge. It would also be advantageous to those who wish to improve their business acumen or have had some experience in social media presentations, but are not sure where to start. Do you think the idea of Social Media Saturdays will work in modern day life? Tell us by leaving your thoughts on the comments.

  • @Partyaficionado

    Hey Matt, Thanks for the write up about my new workshops. Unfortunately you have it a little mixed up.

    I teach a 10 week course at UCRiverside extension center called social media marketing.

    Social Media Saturdays are one day, 3 hour session, hands on style workshop for businesses, non profits, etc. who may have had some introduction to social media presentations, but are not sure where to start.

    I'f you'd like to interview me, I'm available via skype PartyAficionado or you can call me 478-227-2789.