FaceTime For Mac Security Flaw: How To Fix

It has just been reported that along with Apple’s recent FaceTime for Mac beta release, iTunes Store account security has been jeopardised. It seems that for the innocent user who is playing around on the app, their iTunes Store account can be directly accessed. This then opens up their account settings without even having to enter an iTunes Store unique password.. Great news for hackers but not for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, this means that the app will save the username and password automatically without the need for signing out. According to Cocoa Touch Apps, potentially this will give the hacker a chance to over-ride the original password. Currently, next to the video display, a window stating personal information about the user including their date of birth can be exposed to just about anyone.

In a bid to put things right, developers Apple immediately looked into this problem. It seems that FaceTime have blocked any access to the iTunes Store servers. For now, if you decide to go into FaceTime preferences and click onto Account, you will be greeted with two options. The first being Change Location and View Account. Click onto View Account. Cocoa Touch Apps have said that the next page will try to load up but will just throw you back to the Account preferences menu. We have to applaud Apple for their quick thinking into rectifying this. This may mean the start of an updated version of FaceTime.

What are your thoughts on this latest breech of security? Let us know. To check out more on this log onto Coco Touch Apps.

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    It is just another risk to ones personal security that is part of the new age of technology. I am happy to see that Apple is working to keep our personal information safe and secure. Personal security is something everyone needs to be aware of. Whether it is on the internet or out in the real world unfoutunatly criminals are lurking, waiting for an opportunity.