Facebook To Encrypt UIDs: Relying On third-party Developers

The start of the week was not that great for Facebook, this was due to an application that allowed users details to be distributed to third parties. However, engineers for the social networking site have recommend that Facebook encrypt UIDs.

This means that parameters passed back to iFrame-based applications will be encrypted; this will be done by using a secret key to use with the application. This means that only the application will be able to read the information, meaning that users details will become safe once again.

This solution will not come quick enough for Facebook, following our earlier reports that Farmville and Mafia Wars by Zynga shared user information, which as we know is violating privacy settingg of a website.

Christina Warren from Mashable reports that all the technical details on this UID proposal have been put up on their Facebook’s developer’s site; this will allow anyone to offer any feedback or advice. Do you think it is a good idea to put UID parameters within an iFrame?