Spending Review 2010: Twitter reactions

Yesterday saw the government Spending Review 2010 from George Osborne and as expected some of the most severe cuts were announced for public spending in many years. It’s estimated that around 490,000 public sector jobs will be lost and departmental budgets face cuts that average 19% over the four-year review.

Other main points of the spending review were further welfare cuts totalling around £7 billion, a 4% cut in police funding and a raise in the retirement age to 66 by 2020, according to BBC News. Many people are understandably concerned about the extent of the cuts and Labour described the cuts as “reckless.”

Lots of people have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure about the £81 billion worth of cuts announced and an article on News.Scotsman has rounded up some of the reaction from the giant social networking site. For instance, an aide to Labour leader Ed Miliband, Chuka Umunna tweeted, “Please make them realise it’s not numbers it’s 492,000 families potentially destroyed. News progs making me rage today!”

Shadow Education Secretary, Andy Burnham’s reaction was, “For every cut announced today would a tax on banks have helped? Also 2 per cent of the working pop handed their notice today. Great.” Lord Alan Sugar tweeted, “How is private sector expected to deal with increased unemployment of 490k? Osborne fails to realise deficit can’t be cut without growth.”

However as you might expect, Tory reaction was quite different with Tim Montgomerie on the Conservative Home Website saying, “The welfare reform section was great. This is why we are Tories. Nothing else comes close to mattering.” Thank goodness then for a more light-hearted comment from Chris Addison, comedian, who tweeted, “Leicester abolished, 10 per cent less oxygen, all buses standing-room only. This is one tough spending review.”

What are your thoughts on the government spending review and what do you think of the reaction to the cuts, on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook? We’d be interested to hear your views on this so why not send us a comment.