Samsung Galaxy Tab: Verizon’s iPad Alternative Price Offering

Verizon finally announced its price list for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is the first iPad alternative. The base price is $600, but it is still uncertain what size that is, we presume it is for the 16GB model. This could be a worry, as the cheapest Apple iPad is just $500 – although that is just for a Wi-Fi only model.

PC World has been taking a look at both tablets to see how they compare to each other, and it looks as though the iPad has won the price round. Once people understand the price of each tablet, the next thing they want to know is the data plans. Both offer comparable deals, so this round is a tie.

The two most important features have to be the specs and the OS running each device. The biggest difference is with the screen sizes, the iPad has a 9.7-inch screen, whereas the Tab has a 7-inch display. However, lets not forget that the Tab comes with a rear and front-facing camera and 256MB more RAM.

The Samsung tablet comes packed with Android 2.2, and there are rumors that this will be upgraded to 3.0 Gingerbread by the end of the year. The iPad is soon to get iOS 4.2 and looks to be the better of the two.

I do not want to be bias here, but I would have to say that the iPad has the edge. Yes it was the first tablet on the market, and will take some beating to knock it off the top spot. (See the official Tab accessories line here).

  • Casper

    you seem biased

  • Simon Stewart

    Wanting to be bias (sic) or not, your bias screams out in your article.

    iOS 4 has not arrived yet and you have to wonder how they will shoehorn it to run on a device with half the RAM of the iPhone 4.

    Also the iPad has not won on price. The WiFi only model needs extra hardware for a mobile connection. The 3g iPad is more expensuve.

    Right now, the iPad does not multi task, the tab does. The tab has 2 cameras and a higher density screen. It has expansion slots, hdmi and usb.

    Oh it also tuna flash and air.

  • Federico

    Dead on arrival, what part do you not understand.

  • jingo

    usb is huge

  • Derek

    I own a bloody too heavy to carry ipad! It's great indoors, but I have ordered the samsung galaxy tablet to be delivered for tomorrow.
    No tablet will ever be as good or have the majic of the ipad but the best is not always the most convenient to use.

  • Lee Arboleda

    Apple is way much better

  • Carolyn

    Hi, How can I get one here in New Zealand , Any ideas

  • shaker ahmed

    too expensive isn't it