Social Media Marketing Christmas Strategy

With the countdown until Christmas, is it too late to start using social media to advertise your company? Of course not. According to a recent study by LinkShare, 50% of retailers will be using social platforms this coming winter and 37% exploring the option of using online vouchers and special offers.

For some businesses, this will be the first time of using social media tools to get themselves known to the public and expand their sales profitability. Search Engine has explored several ways of using social media to your advantage. The first being that a decision will have to be made regarding a set budget. How much are you willing to invest in social media marketing? Perhaps start off on a smaller scale by signing up to Facebook or Twitter campaigns. Place blog posts, use tweets but be careful of content and Facebook applications.

Money off discounts is always a good selling point leading up to Christmas. If they can, people want to see their money stretch further. Make sure that you do not spend too much time solely concentrating on one person, engage yourself with plenty of other prospective marketers. Donations to worthy causes during the holiday season is always a sure way of putting your name out there. An important thing to remember is social engagement with your customers. Talk to people, gain feedback and digest it, listen to what people expect from your company, customer interaction dosen’t have to be about walking up to someone in the street and handing them a voucher or leaflet. Have a go at viral marketing! Around Christmas, despite the stress of having everything ready in time for your loved ones, people start to wind down and relax a little more. Sending on funny e-mails and time on social networking sites can grab the attention of an individual.

If you do decide to do this, then think about your audience, the expenditure involved and it may help to look back at past viral marketing campaigns to give you ideas. What do you think about social media marketing at Christmas? Is it something you will be involving yourself with? Let us know. To read more on this log onto Search Engine.

  • Brian

    What a great post. We have been incorporating SEO for websites and the Holidays for years. We started over a year ago implementing a Social Media Strategy For The Holidays with our clients.
    We have found any discounts can help struggling families stretch their Christmas dollars further doing these rough economic times.
    Funny emails and Videos on Social Networks proves to be a great method to get them shared.
    Thanks for the post.