iPhoto 11 Facebook Enhancements And Other Key Features

For Apple fans, the introduction of iPhoto 11 is an exciting proposition, according to SlashGear. Smothered with additional features and improvements over the previous version, the software for iPhoto gives the impression of an iPad application when in fullscreen mode.

To accompany the fullscreen modes, there have been additions to the FaceBook enhancements. Changes have been made to the slideshow as well, which include easy accessibility to emailing photos and a step forward in books. Navigation has been made cleaner and smoother, you can click on your image and the package will supply you with a fullscreen view. You will also be able to use the fullscreen places tool to tag your location and display where you took the picture using a digital map.

Aswell as this you will be able to access Flicker to drag down photos. Templates are accessible in the slideshow to enhance your photos with whatever theme you feel like.

As we mentioned, the emailing side for your photos has now been made simpler, by selecting your chosen picture, destination and then select to share. All these features are available within the new software. We are still waiting on some more information so watch this space. To find out more on this log onto SlashGear.