Galaxy Tab Accessories: Samsung’s Official Lineup

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is almost upon us, so it was only a matter of time before the consumer electronics makers unveiled the official accessory lineup. There are 12 accessories in total, with the Keyboard Dock and Multimedia Desk Dock taking center stage.

Both products mentioned above also act as a charger, so you can go about using them while keep that battery fully charged. The full lineup is as follows: Keyboard dock, Multimedia Desk Dock, Notebook/Stand case, Leather Slip Case, D30 Silicon/Gel Case, Portable Speakers, Headphones, Samsung Memory Cards, Travel Adapter, USB Data Cable, TV-Out Cable, and a In-Car Charger.

Having looked over all twelve accessories, I would have to say that the In-Car Charger, Portable Speakers and the Notebook/Stand case appeals to me the most. This is just my choice as I am always on the go; this would be my perfect accessory list.

More details on all of the accessories mentioned above for the Samsung Galaxy Tab can be found on Engadget. All of these products will be available to purchase once the Android tablet goes on sale. What accessory will you purchase first?