Pandigital Novel Personal eReader release: A simpler approach

E-reader devices are growing in popularity now and we recently brought you an article about the big success of the Amazon Kindle. Now it appears that Pandigital is set to bring out a new e-reader, the Novel Personal eReader which comes integrated with the Barnes & Noble eBookstore.

Said to be simpler than the previous Pandigital e-reader this latest digital reader is targeted for reading anytime, anywhere. It has a 6-inch Sipex/AUO ePaper touch-screen with electrophoretic ePaper display for use even in bright sunlight. There’s also integrated Wi-Fi and the device comes in at 9.1 ounces, according to Joanna Stern over on Engadget.

There’s also 2 GB onboard storage with built-in card reader for 32GB cards, a battery life of up to 6,000 page-turns, and an accelerometer. The Novel Personal eReader will be priced at $199 although that will surely come down with promotions and when it hits particular retail stores. The specs certainly look impressive and so Pandigital may well have a hit on its hands.

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