Mini picks your music with connected app

Any music lovers who are also buying the new Mini with the navigation system installed are in for a real treat. The new Mini connected app allows your car to dynamically choose the songs that are played depending on how you are driving.

The iPod out feature puts the music players user interface on the center display of the Mini’s speedometer and allows the car to directly connect with the iPhone and iPod variants. Cnet has also reported that with the app you can Tweet and update Facebook. This app has the whole package to make your journey entertaining!

So how does the car know what song to play, you ask? Well you make a few mood playlists and the car will do the rest of the work as it determines which mood you are in by the way you are driving. So if you are speeding through the street in getaway style the Mini will suddenly start belting out some rock or hi-tempo music to inspire your need for speed. If you are perhaps stuck in a gridlock then the car may decide to play a gentle ballad to calm you down and suppress your road rage.

It is not absolutely clear how the car decides the mood, although it is most likely that the Mini runs an analysis on engine revs, overall speed and feedback from the phone’s accelerometers. The Mini connected app has not been given a specific release date although it is expected to be available to drivers in the coming months. Are you going to use this brilliant sounding app in your mini? Leave us your comments on what you think.