Twitter’s top 10 trends

If you are wondering what the hottest trends from the last week are then this is the place to be. Last week we saw that the Brazilian Election was at the top of the chart; however it has disappeared from the chart and given way for a new top trend. The 10 most popular trends are courtesy of Mashable.

The most popular trending topic of the last week is Super Junior, who are a Korean band who had been tweeting some self drawn pictures to the joy of their fans who repeatedly kept retweeting. I think that second place has been the most covered and talked about news worldwide over the past two months and now the emotional story is finally over. Yes you guessed it, the rescue of the Chilean Miners is in 2nd place this week.

The Nobel Prize is in 3rd place this week with all of the winners also being tweeted about individually. Twitter is up the chart 4 places from last week, still with all the anticipation being about the imminent website redesign. The 5th trend is actors Courtney Cox and David Arquette who have decided to divorce after 11 years together. Number 6 is the NFL, with the most talk being about quarterback Tony Romo.

The Hip Hop awards is at 7 this week with appearances from artists such as Kanye West, Soulja Boy and Diddy on the TV show. In at 8 this week is the MLB with the end of the Baseball season drawing to a close. The Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox was tweeted about the most as he is set to retire at the end of this campaign. The X Factor is the 9th most popular trend this week with favorite Aiden Grimshaw and eliminated duo Diva Fever being amongst the Tweets.

Our Lady of Aparecida who is the patron saint of Brazil, venerated in the Catholic Church on October 12th and so is the 10th hottest Tweet of the week. No Justin Bieber again you may have noticed, has he done something to upset his fans? Leave us all of your comments on this weeks chart.