Raptr iPhone App: Track activity of gaming friends

We know here at OSM how many of you are into gaming and if you’re a regular gamer you’ll no doubt have a circle of friends on gaming networks such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Raptr and Steam. How cool then would it be to be able to keep track of all the gaming activities of those friends by using an iPhone App?

Well now you can as Raptr has launched a free iPhone App available now on the iTunes store. This app is not intended for game playing but as a way to check out friends’ latest achievements on games and see what new games they’ve been playing for instance, according to Samuel Axon over on Mashable.

Activity streams will be available that show when your friends are actually playing so you can dash home if need be. If they’ve bettered your score on a game for instance, you’ll know which game you need to play first to get back on top. This Raptr iPhone App could quickly become indispensable for a lot of gaming enthusiasts but don’t blame us if your partner (if you have one), is not too pleased when you leave them out shopping in your haste to get home and play Black Ops Zombies.

For more on this go to mashable.com. Can you see the benefits of being able to constantly keep in touch with what your gaming friends are up to? Alternatively you may think it’s better to occasionally switch off the console and forget about it for a while? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so please do send in those comments.